Rogers internet outage July 2022

Hundred and thousands of Canadians had to forcefully disconnect from their loved ones and stay stranded in emergency situations due to the nationwide network outage of the major telecom and ISP – Rogers. The details on the news can be read here.

General view of the Rogers Building, quarters of Rogers Communications in Toronto, Ontario, Canada October 22, 2021. REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

Though unexpected, unwanted and almost forced by the act of nature – the day was good as it gave many an opportunity to not to stay glued to one screen or another, rather be outside in the sun and spend the time with family and friends.

There is a detailed analysis provided by Cloudflare similar to that of Facebook’s outage in the past where the core BGP network went down and services were unavailable to the customers for hours.

That leaves me with a few questions, and I would like to extend those to you all as well:

  • What keeps these ISPs driven to ask exorbitant amounts of money while lacking contingency measures to sustain an outage and to prevent impact to critical infrastructure and services?
  • Does Rogers still have a future ahead of itself given that this is the 2nd time in the year when such mass-scale outage has hit the brand?
  • Coming from the world of cybersecurity, this was a loss of Availability out of the CIA triad – could this have been a cyber-attack?
  • How reliable are Rogers’ vendor’s and 3rd party service providers are? Especially in the core engineering and deliver segments?
  • If for any unfortunate and unforeseen reason Rogers loses the business of it’s valuable customers to the other giant – Bell, does that ring another alarm for Canadians of letting go the control to Bell’s then-monopoly and the prices then being further more raised high due to lack of competition in the market and the lack of Federal regulation and oversight?

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