Guru Purnima gratitude – for a quick refresher on what is Guru Purnima.

Life is a perpetual learning journey. Life in itself is a teacher and mentor, gifting one with the wisdom to endure and conquer difficulties, embrace the power of realistic optimism and truth, and to move forward in with a vision and a motive. We all are students and teachers simultaneously. We constantly learn and with our actions and influences we impart teachings to others.

It is a power beyond measures if given a careful thought – being able to make a difference in one’s own and someone else’s life. For the most part, we as humans are ignorant of this superpower residing within us and even if we are aware of it’s existence, we don’t know how to put it to (good) use.

I will split this post into a few sections here:

Role of an individual

One must make a conscious effort of being a good teacher. You don’t necessarily need to be in a teaching profession to be a virtuous teacher. It all echoes in your actions and words. We often speak of being a good person and being a good citizen of the society, and the ripples we create in our own circles of influence within friends, family and the society – it starts from there. Practicing and demonstrating the virtues of a teacher automatically elevates you and your consciousness to greater heights where you rise above self and by gaining this enlightenment, you start lighting up other’s worlds.

Imagine a world where every individual is a teacher (by embracing the virtues here) – and don’t just stop at imagining it. Play your part in making that dream come true.

A personal thanks to my teachers and mentors

I am sincerely grateful to all of you (yes, I didn’t mean just the teachers and professors from my school and college days) for making me the person I am today, and for continuing to shape me up each day as it goes.

I have not only learned English, Physics and Computers from you, I have also learned why it is good to stay hungry and stay foolish. Being on the constant pursuit of knowledge is the best path I could have ever been on.

I have learned why it is important to be humble and patient – how listening enriches me in all the ways, instead of being reactive and trigger-driven.

I have learned why being gentle to others and being generous and forgiving is essential, as with no grievances remaining to lament on, it gives me a calmer state of mind to operate with.

Note to my students

As I am a teacher myself (by just being human and being an actual teacher in professional capacities as well), I could only ask you to do one thing – inherit and cultivate all the virtues of a teacher. Be a proponent of positive change. Make a difference in your own lives and of others. Learn something new each day, and aspire to teach something new each day as well. Make your actions count.

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